Curriculum Enrichment


Throughout the year our children access a wide range of activities to enrich their learning and enhance class themes and projects. We aim to organise a visit or a visitor for each class every term.


This year's (2016 - 2017) enrichment activities have included:

  • Emotional Awareness Driver Day
  • Internet Safety Day
  • Skip 2B fit
  • Local Area Trip - Saplings
  • Anti - Bullying Week
  • Harvest Festival
  • No Pen's Day
  • Curriculum Driver Day - Community
  • Sessions at Forest School - Great Oaks
  • Outdoor learning week - Little Acrons

Last year's enrichment activities included:

  • Trip to Nutclough Woods - Great Oaks
  • Visits from the Police, Firefighters and Search and Rescue to Support 'People Who Help Us' topic - Little Acorns
  • Trip to Park - Saplings 
  • Termly Outdoor Learning week - Little Acorns
  • Skip 2B fit - Christmas Party
  • The Littlest Fir Tree - Christmas performance
  • Festival of Trees, KS1 - Town Hall
  • Curriculum Driver Day - Emotional Awareness
  • Visits to St James Church to find out about baptism and Stained Glass windows - Great Oaks
  • Gymnastic coaches - EYFS and KS1
  • Parent to talk about seeds and plant growth - Great Oaks
  • Town Hall - School Council
  • Visits from quails, lambs and chicks to support 'Down on the Farm' topic - Little Acorns
  • Trip to Cannon Hall Farm - Little Acorns
  • Tree Planting - Little Acorns
  • Visit to Forest School - Little Acorns
  • Visit to Skipton Castle - Saplings
  • Photographing mills in Hebden Bridge to support Lowry artwork - Great Oaks
  • Visit to the Thackray Museum for a Florence Nightingale workshop - Great Oaks
  • Class Assemblies
  • Driver Day - Knowledge of the World