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In Saplings we are enthusiastic, sociable, creative and independent learners.

  We are keen to share our knowledge, skills and talents and always do our best!


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Tree Planting

A massive thank you to Treesponsibility! We had an amazing morning planting trees. We learnt so much about the positive impact of having more areas of woodland in our locality.

The children made us so proud, listening, asking great questions and handling the saplings with care.

We can't wait to watch them grow over the coming years.








After returning from Lockdown 3 we wanted a topic that was exciting and provided lots of opportunities to inspire and re-engage our children with learning again after months at home.

So we chose Pirates!

 Our first day back in school was 'Pirate Day' we all dressed up, made our own Jolly Roger, parrot, pirate hat and learnt our pirate name.  We played games while learning to 'scrub the decks', 'climb the rigging' and of course salute the 'Captain'. 

We all had an amazing day, the highlight was being together again!


During our topic we learnt how to use different media in art to create pirate portraits.  In Design and Technology we learnt how to use wood working tools to create wooden pirate galleons and in English we wrote instructions, and poetry.

Great fun and lots of great learning too!








Woodland Wonders

As part of our Recovery Curriculum we have been taking part in weekly 'Woodland Wonders' sessions.  Each week we have explored a local woodland learning about the native plants and trees.  We have also worked as a team as well to make 'Stick Figures' and rafts made using sticks and leaves. 

Next time we are hoping to make dens to shelter from the changing autumnal weather.



During our first week back at school we had great fun being outside planting bulbs and pansies as well as creating portraits using natural materials.

Home Learning

Class Dojo will continue to be used as the main platform for home learning if part or whole school closure is required.

Some resources may need to be uploaded to this class page and we will direct families if needed.

If your child is learning from home please ensure you login and check Class Dojo every day to access a wide range of cross curricular home learning activities.

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