Monday: 10:15am – Whole school  

Wednesday: 9:10am - Celebration Assembly – Whole school & families  

Thursday: 10:15am – Whole school


Nursery children begin to join our celebration assemblies when they have settled. Reception class children are gradually integrated into assemblies during the Autumn term.


Celebration assemblies

Every Wednesday we welcome families to join our special assembly where we celebrate children's achievements. The assembly starts at 9:10am.


Whole school assemblies

The children attend whole school assemblies onMondays and Thursdays. The assemblies are often linked to the current SEAL themes (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning) but may also be linked to seasonal events, festivals and celebrations or be delivered by special visitors.

Collective worship is a part of each assembly. At Stubbings, collective worship is mainly of a broadly Christian character, focussing on moral awareness, empathy, respect, responsibility and understanding of each other.

The parental right to withdraw a child from attending collective worship should be freely exercisable and we will respect any such request. Parents are not obliged to state their reasons for seeking withdrawal but must put their request in writing to the Head Teacher.

Collective Worship/Assemby Policy