Family Consultation

At Stubbings staff are available to speak briefly to families most evenings after school (except Thursdays when we have staff meetings). Families are also welcome to come into school and look at the classrooms.  Please speak to your child's class teacher to arrange this.

We hold family consultations in the autumn, spring and summer terms. Families can book an appointment to discuss their child's well-being and development in more detail.

Families will also receive a report each term. 

Some schools send one long and detailed report at the end of the academic year. This can sometimes be unwieldy and we would rather update our parents, carers and families more frequently. This supports dialogue through the year and is a way of making sure that parents and carers are fully and meaningfully informed. To support this, we will be sharing 3 brief reports over the year – we think of this as ‘One report in three parts’:


Autumn term: Target setting report

  • This first report sets out each child’s starting point for the year (assessment point one)
  • What each child’s progress target for the year is
  • What each child’s very next steps are in reading, writing and maths
  • How parents and carers can support at home in achieving those next steps


Spring term: Progress report

  • This report sets out progress so far, and a broader description of each child’s learning and achievements


Summer term/end of year: Summary report

  • This report summarises the child’s learning and progress for the year
  • Provides information for the next academic year


The reports parents will receive include assessment data for reading, writing and maths. It indicates where each child was assessed at the beginning of the year in terms of ‘age-related’ expectations. 

The report format also shows each child’s progress target in points. This varies according to the child’s current level of attainment compared to ‘age-related’ expectations – some children are understandably still being supported in catching up to where they would have been pre-pandemic. 

What a written report cannot easily reflect are the wider achievements in learning and growing that each child makes every day at school; so while the report focuses sharply on progress within the ‘core’ subjects and the ‘academic’ aspects of learning we acknowledge that every bit as important are those wider aspects of learning and development. It is this fuller picture of ‘the whole child’ – that our brilliant teachers will be able to discuss in detail with parents and carers during consultation meetings.


"What a lovely report. I couldn't be prouder...Many thanks to all the staff who've helped/taught him during his time at Stubbings. So grateful for the start he has had."


"We are so very proud of E. She always tries her best...Thank you very much for looking after our little girl and creating a comfortable environment in which she can thrive and blossom."


"We are really pleased with D's progress and his attitude to learning. Thanks for 4 wonderful years at Stubbings."


"Lovely report for L - she amazes me! Thanks for the support L has had this year."