The Equality Act (2010) replaced nine major Acts of Parliament and almost a hundred sets of regulations which had been introduced over several decades. It provides a single, consolidated source of discrimination law, covering all the types of discrimination that are unlawful. It simplifies the law by getting rid of anomalies and inconsistencies that had developed over time, and it extends protection against discrimination in certain areas.

It is the policy of this school to promote equity and diversity in all areas of our life and work. We will not tolerate discrimination on unlawful or unfair grounds. All will be treated equally and given equal access to the curriculum and life of the school. All will have equal opportunity to benefit from all that we offer. Our intention is to develop an ethos in which all will thrive. Diversity and differences will be valued and respected by all and they will contribute to the richness of our school life and learning.



  1. To ensure that all learners have equal access to a rich, broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
  2. To ensure that teaching and learning promotes equity, celebrates diversity and promotes community cohesion.
  3. To uphold the nine protected characteristics as set out by the Equality Act (2010):
  • age;
  • disability;
  • gender reassignment;
  • marriage and civil partnership;
  • pregnancy and maternity;
  • race;
  • religion or belief;
  • sex;
  • sexual orientation.
  1. To recognise, celebrate diversity within our community whilst promoting community cohesion.
  2. To promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs throughout the curriculum and develop pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  3. To ensure that those with management responsibility and individual staff accept responsibility for planning, organization and delivery of appropriate educational material to ensure that this policy for equity and diversity is woven into all we do.
  4. To ensure that learners and parents are fully involved in the provision made by the school.

8.To ensure that within the school budget appropriate funding is provided to underpin this policy.



  1. Monitoring, evaluation and review carried out by the headteacher and governors will ensure that procedures and practices within the school reflect the objectives of this policy.
  2. Parents will be involved and consulted about the provision being offered by the school.
  3. Teachers will ensure that their planning, teaching and learning takes account of this policy and ensures that equity underpins all their work.
  4. The diversity within our school and the wider community will be viewed positively by all and this diversity will be recognised as a rich resource for teaching, learning and the curriculum.
  5. INSET opportunities will be provided for staff, to raise awareness and provide practical examples of suitable curricular materials.
  6. Active contributions will be sought of parents and others to enrich teaching, learning and the curriculum.
  7. The positive achievements of all pupils will be celebrated and recognised.



This policy will play an important part in the educational development of individual pupils. It will ensure that all pupils are treated as favourably as others and that the school will make all the reasonable adjustments necessary to promote equity and community cohesion. Learners from all backgrounds will be treated as equal and valued members of the school community.


Further information regarding Equality and Diversity in Schools can be found athttps://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/315587/Equality_Act_Advice_Final.pdf 


Equality Plan