Teaching & Learning

At Stubbings we are passionate about providing a broad and rich curriculum for our children, one which motivates and engages them, encouraging the highest possible levels of attainment.

We are always eager to learn about your child’s activities and achievements outside school, as we believe in building on what the children already know and responding to their personal interests to make learning exciting, challenging and relevant.

The carefully planned experiences and stimulating environment provided in our classrooms and school are designed to create opportunities to extend children’s learning across all curricular areas. We encourage children to develop the knowledge and skills they need whilst also extending their creative abilities through play-based learning.

Children are encouraged to have ownership and understanding of their own learning, to know the next steps they need to take and to be proud of their achievements. They are taught to develop their ability to think systematically, manage information and be aware of their own progress, working both independently and together, supporting each other as they learn.