Federation Consultation

Consultation on inviting Riverside Junior School to join the existing Hebden Bridge Infant School Federation

On this page you will find information about the proposal to widen the current Federation of Infant schools to incorporate Riverside Junior School.

You may be aware that the Hebden Bridge Infant Schools Federation have been working very closely with Riverside Junior School since June 2019 with Jenny Melling our Executive Head Teacher supporting the leadership in Riverside. All three schools have benefited greatly from this close partnership although this is currently only a temporary arrangement and our Executive Head Teacher leaves the Federation in December 2020.

To continue this beneficial partnership, discussions between the Governing Bodies of the Federation and Riverside Junior school have taken place and we are proposing a wider Federation between the schools. This will formalise the partnership between the schools and allow a leader to be appointed at the first opportunity on a permanent basis. This will enable all schools to continue to work together on a formal and permanent basis.

All schools will remain on their respective sites; the children will attend the same school as before and the schools will retain their own budgets. There will however only be one governing body which will have strategic oversight of all three schools.

In the link below is the full statutory consultation document and process which will commence on Monday 4 May 2020 and end on Friday 26 June 2020 at 5pm.

Consultation document

Given the government advice to stay at home, which may be in place throughout the whole consultation period, we may not be able to talk directly to you, or hold information evenings giving you an opportunity to discuss our plans. But we are encouraging discussion via electronic means and will host a meeting should the situation change.

An online questionnaire about the potential HBISF and Riverside federation is available. This survey is for families, staff and other stakeholders associated with each of the three schools. Click here 

In addition, families, staff and other stakeholders can contact us by email: consultation@centralstreet.calderdale.sch.uk

Each week during the consultation we will update an FAQ document with the questions received and the information in answer to the question. If we get a number of questions on a very similar theme we may group them to make the information easier to read through.

We believe this is a very exciting proposal for the future of children’s education in all three schools, building on embedded collaboration around children’s transition and education between the schools and we hope that you share our enthusiasm.


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